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Our approach

We use words and pictures in magical combination to tell stories in an engaging way and so deliver messages with accuracy and energy.

We stand by one core principle – narrative clarity. To tell your story in the most effective way possible, we first identify the key elements of the story. Then we tell the story as clearly as possible. Sounds simple? It isn’t.

Tricks and gimmicks, just for show, are not our style. We use the latest equipment and techniques, but they must help tell the story.

The resources we use are tailored to the project and the client’s budget. From five person crews with cranes and helicopters, to a lightweight one-man band with a drone. From classic interviews, to complex 3D graphics.

But we always insist on genuine engagement with the subject and the story. We combine passion and professionalism to capture and hold the audience’s attention – whatever the platform, whatever the language, whatever the budget.