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For each project we work with the client to determine the best way to deliver their key messages.

We produce films at just about any length and in many different formats. From 70 minute documentaries to one minute cinema adverts. From audio visuals for exhibitions to live event videos.

We deliver films on Blu-Ray, DVD, online and on USB sticks with fully customised interfaces and packaging as required. And we don’t just produce films – we also produce websites, books and audio books in a range of languages.

Crossing the Empty Quarter

An ambitious documentary project telling the gripping story of three men battling against the largest sand desert on earth.

In 1930 an Omani, Sheikh Saleh bin Khalut and an Englishman Bertram Thomas made the first recorded crossing of the Rub Al Khali, the Empty Quarter – the vast, arid wilderness at the heart of Arabia.

Now three men, two Omani explorers and a Briton, take on the challenge to recreate that journey and walk from Salalah in Oman to Doha in Qatar – a journey of more than 1,200 kilometers across one of the most dangerous places in the world.

It’s a terrifying challenge. They battle over giant dunes and through vicious sandstorms as they search constantly for wells with their water supplies running dangerously low. Can they make it or will sickness, fatigue and injury defeat them?

Filming was carried out in demanding conditions with cameras following the team throughout their 49-day desert crossing. There was extensive aerial filming.

The project also involved producing videos for use at lectures, events and exhibitions.

1 x 67-minute Film

3 x 5-minute event videos

Languages: English and Arabic

International version

A revised, shorter version of the film was produced for the international market, including extensive historic archive of the 1930 expedition.

1 x 55m Film

The gripping story of three men against the largest sand desert on earth.

Boxed DVD

A boxed DVD of the full length film with special dual language artwork and language selection menu.

Languages: Arabic and English.

Presentation USB key

A presentation edition of the film on a branded USB key in a customised case, with special artwork. This was given to all guests at the cinema premiere of the film.

Languages: Arabic and English.

Cinema poster

Cinema poster for World Premiere of film held at Vox Cinemas showcase venue in Muscat, Oman in front of an invitation-only audience of VIPs.

Languages: Arabic and English.

Cinema trailer

A one minute film promoting the project, produced for showing in cinemas across Oman.

Strategic Oman

A special commission from the Oman Ministry of Foreign Affairs to produce a multi lingual promotional film explaining the strategic importance of the Sultanate of Oman.

The project involved extensive shooting across Oman in sometimes hard to access locations such as the Strait of Hormuz.

1 x 5 minute video.

Languages: English, Russian, Chinese, French and Japanese.

Oman’s remarkable geography ensures its strategic importance.

The Al Biruni Library

The archive of the Abu Rayhan Al Biruni Institute in Tashkent, Uzbekistan is one of the most important collections in the world of historical manuscripts from the golden age of Islamic thought and learning.

To mark the opening of a new library building for the Institute, made possible by the support of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, the late Sultan of Oman, Lingua Franca produced a film and a commemorative book.

The film highlights some of the key works in the collection and shows how the Institute will now be able to advance its work using the improved facilities in the new building.

The book captures the official opening of the new library by His Highness Sayyid Haitham bin Tariq Al Said, who succeeded His Majesty Sultan Qaboos upon his death in January 2020.

The project also involved producing videos for the opening ceremony and for permament display in the Institute.

1 x 18-minute film
1 x 10 minute event video
1 x 5 minute AV display
28-page book.

Languages: English and Arabic.

The story of the construction of a new library building for one of the most precious collections of Islamic manuscripts in the world.

Boxed DVD

A boxed DVD of the film with dual language artwork and language selection menu.

Languages: Arabic and English

Presentation USB key

The film is also available as a branded USB key in a customised presentation box.

Languages: Arabic and English


A 28-page commemoration book of images of the spectacular opening ceremony.

Language: English

Jewel of Muscat

Jewel of Muscat was an ambitious project spanning more than five years.

It began with two films for National Geographic telling the story of the Jewel of Muscat – a living monument to Oman’s proud maritime heritage.

Based on the wreck of a 9th Century treasure ship, Jewel is an accurate reconstruction of the ships that worked the trade routes between Oman and the Far East more than 1,000 years ago.

The first film tells the story of the challenge to design and build the ship, rediscovering ancient ship building techniques and using only traditional materials. Then it follows the struggle to launch the ship in a desperate race against time with disaster threatening to destroy the ship the team have spent a year building.

The second film tells the story of her epic three-month voyage across the Indian Ocean. We see the crew survive scorching calms and battle through terrifying storms, strong enough to break her masts, before they finally reach Singapore to arrive in triumph.

A website was created to provide daily updates on the construction of Jewel and to provide background information. During the voyage daily photo and ship’s log updates, relayed by satellite, were delivered via the website.

The website also offered specially developed education materials to encourage schools to learn from the story of Jewel.

Later stages of the project involved producing films on the many events staged to celebrate the Jewel project climaxing in two films for the event staged at the Diplomatic Club in Muscat.

This event also saw the launch of a book about Jewel’s voyage (including a dual language audio book version).

Two 45 minute films, six 10 minute films and one 28 minute film.

Interactive website – regularly updated.

128-page book and audio book.

Commemorative Blu-Ray and booklet

Languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

The story of the struggle to design and build Jewel using traditional methods.

The story of Jewel’s epic three-month voyage across the Indian Ocean surviving the heat of scorching calms and the violence of terrifying storms.

On the High Seas

A richly illustrated 128-page book telling the dramatic story of Jewel’s voyage across the Indian Ocean through scorching heat and terrible storms.

Languages: Arabic and English


A media rich website telling the complete story of the Jewel of Muscat. Features include photo galleries, a 3D model of the ship and a special education section.

Languages: Arabic and English

Boxed DVD

Boxed presentation set of the two films with specially designed artwork and language selection screen.

Languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Spirit of Jewel

Two special films commissioned to mark the 5th Anniversary of the voyage of the Jewel of Muscat and the worldwide impact of the project.

10 minute film shown at special event to mark the 5th Anniversary of Jewel completing her voyage.

Languages: Arabic and English.

28 minute film providing a full record of event at Muscat Diplomatic Club marking the 5th anniversary of the Jewel project.

Languages: Arabic and English.

Boxed Blu-Ray

Boxed presentation set of the two films with specially designed artwork and language selection screen.

Languages: Arabic, English, Chinese

Commemorative booklet

Specially designed dual language booklet recording 5th Anniversary event.

Languages: Arabic and English

Shabab Oman II

A 3-year-project telling the story of the construction and maiden voyage of Shabab Oman II – the spectacular clipper ship commissioned for the Royal Navy of Oman as a sail training ship.

Throughout the project, regular visits were made to shipyards in Romania and the Netherlands to capture key moments in the story, including extensive use of time lapse cameras.

The project also involved extensive filming at sea, including complex and potentially risky aerial shoots. The film was shot on the Black Sea, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean sea and the Sea of Oman, sometimes in severe weather.

Extensive use was also made of miniature cameras to allow access to difficult and dangerous locations, such as high up in the masts of Shabab Oman II.

During the construction phase special videos were produced for showing at key events such as the naming ceremony.

A complete photographic record was also made throughout the construction and maiden voyage allowing the publication of a richly illustrated book, accompanied by text provided by Lingua Franca. The book is used as a presentation gift for honoured visitors to the ship.

1 x 60-minute film

3 x 5-minute event films

Hard-back presentation book

Languages: Arabic and English.

The story of the construction and maiden voyage of the majestic clipper ship Shabab Oman II.

Languages: Arabic and English

Boxed DVD

Boxed presentation set of the two films with specially designed artwork and language selection screen.

Languages: Arabic and English

Presentation book

Richly illustrated 94-page book in hard back cloth binding for presentation to visitors to the ship.

Languages: Arabic and English

Oman et la Mer

Oman et la Mer was a multi-faceted project commissioned to accompany a major exhibition staged at the French National Maritime Museum in Paris, France.

As well as producing a 55-minute documentary it required creating a website, two books and numerous audio visual displays for the exhibition. It also involved staging and recording a spectacular event to mark the opening of the exhibition.

The 60-minute documentary, shot in France and Oman, is a journey of exploration through Oman’s maritime past. Through careful research, Lingua Franca traced the last surviving relative of a key figure in France’s maritime history and followed him as he traced his ancestor’s footsteps on the journey he made through Oman in the 1830s.

To accompany the exhibition, Lingua Franca also produced a website and a richly illustrated catalogue (in French and Arabic), with a carefully researched text detailing Oman’s maritime history.

For the exhibition itself, we produced a series of audio visual displays, including two interactive games.

The opening of the exhibition was marked by a spectacular ceremony involving the unveiling of a traditional Omani boat in the fountains in front of the Eiffel Tower. Lingua Franca provided live coverage of the ceremony on large display screens and a permanent video record of the event, using material from time lapse and crane cameras.

We also shot high quality stills of the opening ceremony which were used to produce a large format photo book.

1 x 55 minute documentary

1 x 25 minute record of opening ceremony

6 x Audiovisual displays


2 x books

The story of Oman’s 5,000 love affair with the sea and its extraordinary connection to French maritime history.


A trilingual website to accompany the exhibition at the French National Maritime Museum in Paris.

Languages: Arabic, English, French


Catalogue book to accompany the exhibition, incuding a detailed history of maritime Oman.

Languages: French, Arabic

Large-format book

A spectacular large format photo book recording the Oman et la Mer Opening Ceremony.

Languages: Arabic, English

A video representation of the Poem of Soffala – one of the poems used by Arabic sailors to help them navigate in ancient times. One of a range of audio visual displays produced for the Oman et La Mer exhibition.

Languages: Arabic, English, French.

Video record of the spectacular opening ceremony in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris for the Oman et la Mer exhibition.

25 minutes. Languages: Arabic, English, French

Outward Bound Oman

A series of four films explaining how Outward Bound Oman uses the country’s spectacular landscapes to unlock young peoples’ potential.

The films involved extensive aerial filming to capture the beauty of Oman’s mountains and deserts.

We worked closely with the client to ensure that key messages were communicated clearly and effectively.

4 x 4 minute videos

Languages: Arabic and English

How Outward Bound Oman uses the country’s spectacular mountains to unlock the potential of young people.

Condé Nast conference

Lingua Franca was commissioned to prepare a video for a presentation to the Condé Nast, Mindful Luxury Conference to accompany the keynote address by H.E. Sayyid Badr bin Hamad Albusaidi, Secretary General, Oman Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As well as scripting the speech on “The Characteristics of Oman” we drew on our extensive archive to illustrate its key themes in a dramatic way.

1 x 10 minute event video

Still of event video projected on giant screens as H.E. Sayyid Badr Albusaidi made his keynote presentation to the prestigious Condé Nast event.

L’un pour l’autre

Lingua Franca was commissioned to produce English subtitles for a French drama about a young football star learning to cope with setbacks.

The project involved careful translation to produce easy to read subtitles that captured the spirit of the colloquial language and sporting slang that featured in the film.

An example of the English subtitles produced for a 20 minute drama short.

Fils de

Another subtitle commission for Lingua Franca and another translation challenge. This time to produce English subtitles for a French drama short about a young man haunted by the memory of his dead father, featuring rising star Anthony Bajan, named best actor at the Berlin Film Festival in February 2018.

We took great care to produce subtitles that conveyed the sometimes violent language used in the film.

Producing effective subtitles for a French drama featuring extensive use of slang takes care and experience.

Connecting Cultures

Lingua Franca was commissioned to produce a film that captures the human drama of the Connecting Cultures project.

We travelled out into the desert to follow young people from the Arab and Western world as they make a journey of discovery together. We worked hard to capture the trust of the young people so that we could capture key moments as they make discoveries about themselves and each other and cultural misunderstandings melt away under the desert sun.

1 x 22 minutes

Languages: Arabic and English

How exploring the desert helps young people discover themselves and so break down cultural barriers.

National Defence College

Lingua Franca was commissioned to provide a video for the Graduation Ceremony at Oman’s elite National Defence College, responsible for training senior officers for important positions in Oman’s defence and political establishment.

On a tight budget and with limited time available, we used our own archive to supplement shooting in and around the College’s new premises, combined with archive accessed from a variety of sources. We opted for a multi screen format to ensure that all branches of Oman’s armed forces were well represented.

Dramatic archive shots gave added impact to this 12-minute event video for a graduation ceremony.

Languages: Arabic (English subtitles)

UNESCO schools

Lingua Franca was commissioned by the Oman National Commission for UNESCO to produce a film explaining the work of its Associated Schools Programme.

Despite a very tight budget we managed to capture the various activities ASP organises to encourage Omani school students to “Think Globally, Act Locally.”

The film was delivered as an online resource and also as a full packaged DVD.

1 x 15 minute film.

Languages: Arabic and English

Omani students working on projects for UNESCO’s ASP programme encouraging them to think globally and act locally.